Thus far, most comments and votes have followed a pattern….almost all have gone OMD, Wire and E&TB.  Matches 21-23 are, to all intent and purposes, done and dusted….

Stone Roses 6 v OMD 22
Wire(2) 26 v Farmer’s Boys/Higsons 2
Everything But The Girl(2) 6 v Echo & The Bunnymen 23

The final tie could be a cliffhanger….neither side has ever established a substantial lead and both have enjoyed spells of being in front. It’s the first genuine contest in weeks

Martin Stephenson 13 v Butcher Boy 14

This week’s half-time, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : Mike Garry and Joe Dudell ‘St Anthony- An Ode To Anthony H Wilson’ (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

If you don’t know this half-time song, then ypu’re in for a real treat. If you do it, then you’ll no doubt want to listen again.

I’ll re-post what Swiss Adam said when he pulled together the Weatherall ICA:-

Mike Garry’s wonderful poem for Tony Wilson, a celebration of the Factory boss and ‘Manchester music, marijuana, majesty and Karl Marx’, was set to music by Joe Dudell, a string quartet version of New Order’s Your Silent Face. Weatherall took it back to the electronic roots of Power, Corruption and Lies. Released to raise funds for cancer charities and The Christie hospital – go buy it.”

I’ll endorse his request that you go buy it.  I have.  Click here.

Oh and finally, if you haven’t voted yet this week, you have until midnight this coming Friday.




Thanks for getting so many votes in by the earlier than usual deadline. As this post appears, I’ll be 70-odd miles away from home, making the most of a brilliantly nostalgic night with ex-players from Raith Rovers FC at a commemorative dinner/piss-up recalling the six games we played in the UEFA Cup in 1995, including the night when we dared to dream of knocking out Bayern Munich as we led 1-0 at half-time in the Olympiastadion.

Alas, there was no giant-killing, but it was fun while it lasted.  So which of our four teams from last week could call on the international class and experience of Klinsmann, Papin, Babbel and Kahn and which had to rely on brave warriors such as Sinclair, Lennon, Coyle and Dair ?

Rod Stewart 6 The Jesus and Mary Chain 30
XTC (2) 24 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 15
The Smiths 28 Husker Du 12
The Durutti Column 22 Paul Quinn 15

To all Paul Quinn fans, I’d like to offer a heartfelt apology.  My behaviour, as manager, in fielding the 12” version of Change of Attitude in the original ICA was totally out of character and a momentary lapse in my normally high standards of behaviour.  The 7” might have gotten through but in all honesty, it was a tad arrogant on my part to field such a self indulgent b-side in the first place…on reflection and with hindsight, it was an error for which there is no feasible excuse.  Good luck to Vini and his crew in the next round and the remainder of the competition.

Moving on now to this week’s match ups and I’m hoping after eight successive near walkovers that some minor excitement at least can be generated.

It does open with a tasty match-up with the bonus of it being a Liverpool/Manchester rivalry while the remaining three games will hopefully get you thinking a bit…..all teams may well need the luck of the Irish to get through.  Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Matches 21-24 of Round 2

The Stone Roses v OMD

The Stone Roses have been suggested in some quarters as having the ability to go all the way in the competition although there are some correspondents who think they lack the neccesary depth.  They weren’t pushed too hard in Round 1 against Yellow Magic Orchestra but even so, will need an improved performance to see off OMD whose professional and polished performance last time out saw them deal a mortal blow to trhe much fancied Super Furry Animals.  This tie has a similar sort if feel to it and much will depend on the toss of the coin and the roll of the dice…which might just favour the Liverpudlians in that their song is better-known amomg the masses.

All Across The Sands (b-side, 1987) v Messages (from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, 1980)

Wire (2) v The Farmer’s Boys/The Higsons

The art-school veterans who go by the name of Wire got through Round 1 by a the odd-goal in 45 in a titanic battle againt Supergrass with the reward being a home match against one of the acts representing the ‘Sounds of Young Norwich’ ICA.  Last time round the reliance was on The Higsons who came through a close one against The Jayhawks.  Will the manager be allowed to stick with the same starting line or will the coin and dice enforce a complete set of new players?  Turns out that The Farmer’s Boys will be on the bench yet again, and given the might of the opposition song, the fates may have conspired to prevent them ever setting  foot on the playing surface.

Outdoor Miner (single, 1979) v Conspiracy by The Higsons (single, 1982)

Everything But The Girl (2) v Echo & The Bunnymen

I know I’m overusing the word intriguing in describing so many of these 2nd round ties but I make no apologies for doing so again.  The Bunnymen took care of Leonard Cohen last time out, although it needed the use of The Cutter to ensure progress.  They could end up with a similar type of tie again depending on whch EBTG comes out via the coin and dice.  In Round 1, Tracey and Ben went with Draining The Bar, a piano-led ballad, which was more than enough to hammer The Libertines.  Both sides will likely need to be at, or close to, their best to progress. Either way, Echorich will be sad that one of them will have to leave.

Cross My Heart (from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, 1986) v Zimbo (live) (b-side, 1983)

Martin Stephenson v Butcher Boy

This is just such a brilliant tie on paper.  Two of my all time favourites, neither of whom at the start of the World Cup I’d have given too much chance of reaching this stage; but now one of them is going to reach the last 32 and possibly take on a really big gun.  The romance of the cup etc.

Martin Stephenson, to the chagrin of many, removed Andrew Weatherall from the tournament, albeit he needed the might of The Daintees backing him on Crocodile Cryer to deliver.  Butcher Boy were up in a real Indietracks type battle against The Magnetic Fields last time out and came through despite being the lesser known of the combos.  Which tunes are going head-to-head this time?

Rain (from Boat to Bolivia, 1986) v Helping Hands (from album of same name, 2011)

Yup.  Two ballads make for a fine match-up.

Closing date and time for entries is Friday 23 March, at 10pm UK time.

Next week will see jimdoes take to the stage to introduce matches 24-27.  I know which games are coming up. I don’t envy him.




The first three of this week’s matches are already looking foregone conclusions and it’s only 8.30pm on Monday night.  The final tie, however, has been fairly nip and tuck for the most part with both sides having held the lead at one point in time or other.

Rod Stewart 5 v The Jesus and Mary Chain 19
XTC (2) 19 v Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 8
The Smiths (2) 19 v Husker Du 8
Durutti Column 12 v Paul Quinn 12

This week’s half-time tune, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : Teenage Fanclub – Don’t Look Back

Remember….if you haven’t voted yet, you have until 10pm this coming Thursday (votes close 24 hours earlier than normal!!).




You voted but not as heavily as previous weeks.  But then again, these ties were all pretty much done and dusted within the first few hours.

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 28 Arab Strap 7
British Sea Power 10 Orange Juice 25
Lambchop 3 Pulp 32
Pavement 26  Clyde McPhatter 8

My favourite match report came from Bill albeit he backed a loser.

“You want me to vote for a lanky art school chancer trying to get a leg over with a naive foreign student. That may be ok in the 90s but definitely not on nowadays. My vote goes to Sharee Lewis little friend Lambchop. Simpler times”

Here’s how the numbers are shaping up for the next round

1. The Fall
2. Talking Heads
3. Edwyn Collins
4. Velvet Underground
5. New Order
6. The Charlatans
7. Lightning Seeds
8. St Etienne
9. The Jam
10. Half Man Half Biscuit
11. Pete Wylie
12. The Wedding Present
13. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
14. Orange Juice
15. Pulp
16. Pavement

Another 16 still to come.

This week’s match-ups have two of the big guns on display but not up against each other.  It also has a couple of very intriguing ties while some cults take to the field.

Matches 17-20 of Round 2

Rod Stewart v The Jesus & Mary Chain

Rod Stewart is perhaps one of the more surprising names to appear in Round 2, but only in as much that he drawn against Johnny Marr last time out; as some observant commentators said, the fact that the grisly veteran dug deep into his catalogue with a track from the highly regarded Gasoline Alley album from 1970 showed how serious he was taking it while the finest indie guitarist of our era decided to rely on a fairly weak track by Girls Aloud.  It proved to be quite a one-sided affair.   The Jesus and Mary Chain also enjoyed a comfortable passage against The Wondermints last time out and the Reids are bound to be licking their lips again this time round with Rod deciding to rely on how folk feel about his interpretation of a track made famous by a different pair of brothers.  Having said that, JAMC are relying on a sweary lesser-known number lasting a little over 90 seconds

Cigarettes and Alcohol (from When We Were The Rude Boys, 1998) v Boyfriend’s Dead (b-side, 1987)

XTC (2) v Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

This really has the potential to be a fascinating contest.  XTC had too much in their locker last time out for Friends Again but will, in all likelihood have to up the ante a bit to take on Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds who had to field a live rendition of The Mercy Seat to ensure they came through an epic encounter last time out against Teenage Fanclub in one of just two ties that ended in a draw with the Bellshill boys going out agonisingly on an actual coin toss.  I’m sure the Aussies were hoping for something a bit kinder than the Swindonites this time round as the reward for such endeavours.  One of those ones where the song choice will be absolutely crucial…..turns out to Jonny the Friendly Lawyer‘s favourite ever song by one of his favourite ever bands against a live rendition of a track which The Robster describes as being as good as any ever written by Cave.

Earn Enough For Us (from Skylarking, 1986) v Jubilee Street (live at the Sydney Opera House, 2014)990)

The Smiths (2) v Husker Du

A mid 80s classic here. The away side came through in an emotional All-American match-up against Grandaddy in which the final 26-10 score didn’t reflect how close the call had been for many folk.  The home side flexed their muscles from the outset, racking up 41 points as they made mincemeat of Mission of Burma.  While the initial thought may be that they have been given another fairly kind draw, it could be a banana skin.  Here come the songs……oh well, I’ve a feeling this one could be a foregone conclusion (although I have been wrong before).

I Know It’s Over (from The Queen Is Dead, 1986) v Keep Hanging On (from Flip Your Wig, 1985)

The Durutti Column v Paul Quinn

One for the connoisseurs in which the guitar goes up directly against the voice.  Both ICAs were well received and this is going to be very difficult one to call.  Reilly broke some Scottish hearts in Round 1 with a narrow and hard fought win over The Beta Band, and hopes to do similar this time;  Quinn, whose contribution last time round was with The Independent Group, did enough to hold on against a late onslaught from The Feelies back in the very first week of the competition in early January.  Will this extended break from competitive action count against him?

Contra-Indications (from Obey The Time, 1990) v Change of Attitude by Bourgie Bourgie (12″ b-side, 1984)

Please have your votes in by midnight on Thursday 15 March

I’ve had to bring things forward 24 hours as I’m out next Friday night, nowhere near a laptop or PC, and so need to tally the scores a bit earlier; it shouldn’t make too much difference as most of you do vote early on.

Tune in next Saturday for the results and the line-ups for matches 20-23, which, if I’m being honest are fairly similar in feel to this week.  The real fireworks will be held over till matches 24-27 which will be written up by jimdoes.




All four games looked like foregone conclusions as early as Saturday evening thanks to a very clear and distinct pattern of voting emerging. The television bosses (and Dirk) have already their disappointment with the lack of excitement but should be consoling themselves that the last 32 is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 23 v Arab Strap 5
British Sea Power 8 v Orange Juice 20
Lambchop 0 v Pulp 28
Pavement 21 v Clyde McPhatter 6

If they were boxing matches, I reckon we would be calling a halt to each of them. None of the losing acts deserve continued punishment.

This week’s half-time, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides.  This one, selected by jimdoes before voting started, seem very apt:-

mp3 : Tilly and The Wall – Nights of the Living Dead




As promised last week, jimdoes, whose concept it was to have an ICA World Cup, will take you through this week’s tasty match-ups, but before then, the final scores on the ties you’ve had to deliberate on these past seven days:-

The Jam 37 The Detroit Cobras 6
Half Man Half Biscuit 25 Trash Can Sinatras 17
Pete Wylie 27 PJ Harvey 17
Magazine 19 The Wedding Present 25

At one point I thought Magazine were set to pull off an historic victory as they closed what had been a substantial gap down to just two points some 24 hours before the close of voting, but the extra helping of apple pie on the final day saw TWP survive to fight another day.  Here’s some great comments in respect of each match:-

The Jam v Detroit Cobras : I love a plucky underdog, especially against a mighty top side (in recent weeks I’ve been cheering on Newport County (well, OK, most weeks I cheer for the County), Rochdale and Wigan!) So when I saw The Jam vs The Detroit Cobras, I was ready to cast my vote for Motor City’s finest R&B covers band. Until I saw Weller & Co had fielded Billy Hunt. From that moment on, there was only going to be one result…THE ROBSTER

Half Man Half Biscuit v Trash Can Sinatras : National Shite Day is our new national anthem so no contest. Overhead a rainbow appears. In black and white…..SWISS ADAM

Pete Wylie v PJ Harvey : Pete pips poor Polly, producing pristine, proto-pop pleaser…..MICKY

Magazine (“Oh, 10 points for them and they are very good indeed. 10 points by all accounts!”) v The Wedding Present (“And 11 points for them because I can understand the singer better!”). I said: “But you don’t speak English.”. “No”, he replied, “but he (Gedge) is a bit a slower and thus more comprehensible.”. So match ended 10:11…..DIRK & LITTLE LOSER.

The final submission this week, which came from themostdisagreeablefirst, did make me laugh out loud.  He/she typed the word ‘Magazine’ ten times and asked ‘does that help’?  Given that I actually wanted Shot By Both Sides to get through, it was tempting……but in the end, it only counted for one vote.

That’s enough for week 3.

Here’s jimdoes:-

First up, I want to thank JC for taking my crackpot scheme and turning it in to a brilliant series – and all the people who have voted and added brilliant comments about each tie.

Matches 13-16 of Round 2

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions v Arab Strap

A match that guarantees a Scottish team in the next round. If I knew anything about Scottish football I’d make a comparison between various teams and these two bands. But I don’t. So I won’t – as it would probably upset a lot of people. Anyway, last round both teams were expected to win their ties which they duly did, without any trouble – seeing off The Pipettes and A Certain Ratio respectively. I know who I’m voting for in this round but it’s a tie that I think is difficult to call.

Mister Malcontent (from Mainstream, 1987) v Packs Of Three (from Philophobia, 1998)

British Sea Power v Orange Juice

The magic of the cup. This is the televised round of the week – the broadcasters licking their lips at the prospect of two of the dark horses going head to head. British Sea Power are taking no chances even though they have home advantage and are playing a really strong team. Meanwhile, Edwyn Collins‘ team have foregone their usual Orange kit and have opted for their away colours – Blue Boys. BSP were also the televised match in the previous round, seeing off Beach House much to my relief. And Orange Juice ran up a cricket score against the unfortunate Tilly and The Wall, despite their fancy footwork.

Remember Me (from The Decline of British Sea Power, 2001) v Blue Boy (single 1980)

Lambchop v Pulp

In the previous round Lambchop beat Martha and The Muffins in a match that was end to end – it took a strong second half performance from Kurt Wagner‘s team to win. Pulp saw off a spirited display from Tindersticks to set up this tie. In an effort to appear neutral I’ll just say that Lambchop must be cursing their luck with this draw. Not only coming up against one of the tournament favourites but then having Pulp put out their ‘A’ team must be particularly hard to take. Still, everyone loves an underdog – could we see an upset here?

I’ve Been Lonely For So Long (from What Another Man Spills, 1998) v Common People (from Different Class, 1995)

Pavement v Clyde McPhatter

With his choice of song, has Clyde McPhatter already thrown in the towel in this tie? He’s been the underdog before and come through a closely fought match against Gene Loves Jezabel. Or will Pavement‘s slacker style count against them. On paper it doesn’t look like they are taking any chances, especially as they experienced a minor scare in the previous round against The Twilight Sad before running out eventual winners.

Cut Your Hair (from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, 1994) v Have Mercy Baby by Billy Ward & The Dominoes (single, 1951)

As ever, the deadline for voting is next Friday, 9 March, with a 10pm cut-off time in the UK.

JC will be back with next week’s four games by which point we will getting close to knowing the make-up of the last- standing 32 sides.



Four teams jumped out to leads of at least five points within the first 36 hours which is when most of the voting tends to take place.  It’s also a fact that a five-point lead has been near impossible to turn around.

Some folk were happy to admit that some of the ties did cuuse them huge grief, none more so than The Swede who said of the Devoto v Gedge match-up:-

Magazine v The Wedding Present went to extra time, then a replay. Then another replay. Then penalties. Then another replay. Then a coin toss. The coin landed on its edge. Unseparateable. Do your worst JC.

Tne Swede bottled out of voting…and he wasn’t alone; but if you’re reading this mate, please remember you’re still able to come in again before 10pm on Friday evening.  It night make a difference…..

Oh and three of the early leaders have had very strong finishes to the half and look home and dried.

The Jam 28 v The Detroit Cobras 3
Half Man Half Biscuit 19 v Trashcan Sinatras 12
Pete Wylie 22 v PJ Harvey 11
Magazine 14 v The Wedding Present 18

Today’s accompanying tune, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Radio Radio

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m having fun with this series!