As mentioned in an earlier entry in this series, it was back in 2000 that Chemikal Underground came up with the idea of having an imprint named Fukd ID for limited edition releases (1,000 maximum) by a variety of acts, not all of who were on the label.

There ended up being eight releases via the imprint, one of which (Fukd ID #3) was the first ever release by Interpol and is fairly valuable to collectors.

Fukd ID #7 was released in June 2003 and featured four tracks by Model Fighter.  A contemporary review, on Drowned In Sound stated:-

This is bizarre, very bizarre, likeable yet at the same time a bit grating. Model Fighter is one man, Daniel and some sounds, some of which are normal like keyboards and guitars, others that are a bit stranger; toy music machines and looped sounds. He keeps to 60 or 120 bpm and uses anything that makes a noise but no computers!

‘Blipdat’, is nearly two minutes of high pitched, slightly squeaky notes. Half way through appears a sound like a door bell…good but in an odd way. ‘Sleepatronic’ is a bit dancier, keyboard drum beats and a sound like something you’d get off those keyboards with 200 different noises on them. ‘Metallic Rutland’ and ‘untitled (Horse Giant)’ are darker, slightly haunting and different.

One of the tracks was later included on a Chem compilation CD, which is why I can offer up:-

mp3 : Model Fighter – Metallic Rutland