If the perfect musical career is indeed, as some have claimed, simply to consist of getting together and releasing a one-off single before breaking up, then The Honeymooners, from Airdrie, a small town to the east of Glasgow on the old secondary road out to Edinburgh, managed it in style.

There’s very little out there about the band, but Discogs is at least able to give us full names and not just those used on the back of the sole 45, released in 1987, on Mr Ridiculous, a label which itself folded after the single. :-

Jean McClure (vocals & trumpet), Martin Connelly (guitar), David Russell (fretless bass), Stewart Reid (drums) and Keith Dunn (guitar)

It’s another song that I’ve picked up via blogging and my life is all the richer for it:-

mp3 : The Honeymooners – Another Fit of Laughter

The b-side, for which I had to search quite far to find, isn’t anything as good, being just a bit rough and unready:-

mp3 : The Honeymooners – …And There They Were


PS : Seems apt somehow to be featuring The Honeymooners on the very day that I will be performing best man duties at a wedding ceremony in Salford……