After he launched Zoo Records and managed Echo & The Bunnymen, but before he became famous and infamous as part of The KLF, one of my all time heroes released a solo LP on Creation Records in 1986.

The Man is a wonderfully understated piece of work with its indie-folk tunes behind a distinctly Scottish brogue pre-dating what would become hip by 25 years. It was lo-fi, recorded in just five days for not a lot of money, with many of the lyrics reflecting on Bill’s idiosyncratic view of life. Oh and he used it to settle a score with one of his old colleagues from the Liverpool scene:-

mp3 : Bill Drummond – Julian Cope Is Dead

It was his response to this from a short time earlier:-

mp3 : Julian Cope – Bill Drummond Said

Bonkers I’m sure you’ll agree.

Here’s the great single lifted from the album:-

mp3 : Bill Drummond – I’m The King Of Joy

Oh and although the reviews for the album were almost all positive, it sold poorly.