As in Grahame Skinner, probably best known from his stint as the lead singer in Hipsway.  He’s been part of the music scene round these parts for the nest part of 40 years, initially with Jazzateers before that brief period of pop stardom in the latter half of the 80s, albeit there was only one single which ever made it into the Top 40.

Skin, as he seems to be known to all and sundry, carved out a reasonable career, but there’s been many a time when he’s fallen back on his skills in the bar and restaurant trades to earn a crust….it did seem strange one day to pop into a popular cafe about seven or eight years ago in the west end of Glasgow and find that he was running the show.

For the past decade he’s been the frontman in The Skinner Group, among whose members are the often-mentioned Douglas MacIntyre of Creeping Bent Records, while the bass guitar duties are the responsibility of Campbell Owens, who was part of Aztec Camera back in the 80s.  The Skinner Group is a relatively recent name for the combo – previously it was just referred to as Skinner, and its under the moniker that I’ve a couple of songs, both from inclusion on compilations issued by the German-based Marina Records,   Here’s one of them:-

mp3: Skinner – Still Messed Up With You