For years, thanks to its inclusion on the Doing It For The Kids compilation, released by Creation Records in 1988, I’ve had one song by pacific in the collection:-

mp3 : pacific – Jetstream

I always found it a bit on the dull side, one that was often subject to the skip button when the CD was getting played. It just felt too light and whimsical with the trumpet part taking a bit too close to jazz cafe music for my liking.

Many years later, I doubled my collection of songs by the band:-

mp3 : pacific – Barnoon Hill

This, on the other hand is quite splendid. Yes, it’s still light and whimsical but the faster pace and tempo makes it way more palatable.

It came as part of the C88 boxset released a couple of years back by Cherry Red and the liner notes in the accompanying provided some useful information:-

Fronted by Dennis Wheatley who sang, played guitar and created noises via an Atari computer, Pacific melded traditional indie with the intelligent off-kilter pop explored by The Colour Field or, later, The Lightning Seeds. On their debut EP, 1988’s Sea of Sand, they used cello and trumpet and a deft Japanese spoken word intro on Barnoon Hill.

Wheatley had fallen into the Creation camp whilst at college in Brighton…..a second single – the seven-minute epic ‘Shrift’ followed in 1989, followed by a split flexi with My Bloody Valentine courtesy of the Catalogue magazine.

In all, they recorded eight tracks, seven of which were compiled on Inference, a 1990 release on Creation. One UK seller on Discogs is asking for £50 for an unplayed vinyl copy,but you can seek out second-hand versions from some overseas sellers from about £13 plus shipping should your heart desire. It should be noted, however, that the version of Shrift on the vinyl version of the compilation album is about three minutes shorter than that put out as a 12″ single. Oh and it also doesn’t have the track put out as the joint flexi with My Bloody Valentine.

I went digging….found out that the band comprised Dennis Wheatley, Rachel Norwood, Vanessa Norwood, Nick Wilson and Simon Forrest.

I think it’s time I lived up to my name….here’s everything else they put out. Just don’t ask how:-

Sea of Sand EP (CRE 058)

The 7″ (pictured above) had two tracks – Barnoon Hill and this:-

mp3 : pacific – I Wonder

The 12″ had both those tracks, the afore-mentioned Jetstream and this:-

mp3 : pacific – Henry Said

One thing that proves is that Dennis Wheatley didn’t exclusively supply the vocals!

Shrift EP (CRE 064)

The 7″ had these:-

mp3 : pacific – Shrift
mp3 : pacific – Autumn Island

The 12″ had an extended version of the main track, plus one other song not on the 7″:-

mp3 : pacific – Shrift (12″)
mp3 : pacific – Minerals


mp3 : pacific – December With The Day

Turns out that the track I most dislike was the one on Doing It For The Kids….a sampler which was supposed to draw you into seeking out other material by the featured singer or band!!!