It takes a lot to get my mate Jacques the Kipper really excited. Even at the football, when I’ll be ranting, raving and close to foaming at the mouth as a result of one or more of the ineptitude of our players, the niggardly tactics of our opposition or the uselessness of the match officials (especially every lino over on the Railway Stand side), the best you’ll get out of him is a half-growled ‘C’mon’ – and even then it is usually stifled halfway through for fear of drawing attention to himself.

It’s the same with music. If he hears something good, he’ll casually mention it in conversation some time later. He’s a regular use of social media but it tends to be observational more than anything else.

So you can imagine my surprise when, at just after 8am on Thursday 10 March, at a time when he’d be walking to his office in Edinburgh and as I was making my way to the train station in Glasgow, the following text arrived:-

iPod. So much fun this morning. Bela Lugosi’s Dead followed by Pass the Duchy (what a great record that is in retrospect) then Public Service Broadcasting followed by some old school soul from Bettye Swann.

That sort of emotion is almost unheard of. I of course replied (in a state of shock mind you) and he further articulated:-

Never a big Bauhaus fan much to my friends at the time disgust. But BL is some record and I must have danced to it a million times. Interesting to reassess PtD – amusing retrospect how popular it was given it’s a bunch of kids taking drugs. But as a reggae tune I think it stands the test of time.

For those readers who perhaps have no idea of what he’s talking about, click here.

So here your folks, JtK’s songs of unbridled joy, courtesy of a shuffling machine:-

mp3 : Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
mp3 : Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie
mp3 : Public Service Broadcasting – Inform, Educate, Entertain (live)
mp3 : Bettye Swann – Kiss My Love Goodbye

Talking of shuffling, tune in next week to WYCRA as there’s a few guest postings due to be featured, including yours truly.