As this is one I have courtesy of a compilation CD given away with a newspaper in 2007, I’ve had to reply on t’internet for your info:-

The Hazey Janes are an indie pop band from Dundee, Scotland consisting of Andrew Mitchell (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Liam Brennan (drums, vocals, percussion) and siblings Alice Marra (vocals, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer) and Matthew Marra (bass guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel).

Formed around 2000, the band plays music that has been described as a fusion of country-rock and indie-pop, with a penchant for heavy folk harmonies, reminiscent of Big Star, Velvet Crush and The Posies.

It was back in 2004 that they recorded a self-titled mini-album, followed two years later by their first full-length album, Hotel Radio which got a fair bit of positive media coverage.  They’ve been reasonably prolific ever since and have toured extensively both as headlining artists and as support to the likes of Snow Patrol, Elbow, Idlewild, Brakes, Aberfeldy, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, WILCO and Deacon Blue.

Dundee musician-songwriter Michael Marra is the father of the Marra siblings in The Hazey Janes.

mp3 : The Hazey Janes – Fire In The Sky

It’s a tad derivative and it hasn’t encouraged me to seek out anything else…..but I’ve heard and indeed highlighted worse on this blog!