Just eight days ago, Mike from Manic Pop Thrills provided an excellent ICA from Wire, concentrating on their 21st Century output. In doing so, he made the observation that an ICA looking at their initial material would need special dispensation as 10 tracks would make for a very short album. He’s right….and so what follows is something fitting onto one side of an old fashioned C90 cassette, drawn entirely from the era of the three albums released in the 70s – Pink Flag (1977), Chairs Missing (1978) and 154 (1979).

Mike’s piece provided a full bio of the band so I’ll just go straight to the music….

1) 12 X U – from Pink Flag
2) Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW – from 154
3) Practice Makes Perfect – from Chairs Missing
4) Outdoor Miner (single version)
5) Three Girl Rhumba – from Pink Flag
6) The Other Window (Peel Session)
7) 106 Beats That – from Pink Flag
8) Another The Letter – from Chairs Missing
9) On Returning – from 154
10) Dot Dash (single)
11) Different To Me – from Pink Flag
12) I Am The Fly – from Chairs Missing
13) Two People In A Room – from 154
14) Ex Lion Tamer – from Pink Flag
15) A Question of Degree (single)
16) Mannequin – from Pink Flag
17) Blessed State – from 154
18) Feeling Called Love – from Pink Flag
19) Marooned – from Chairs Missing
20) Mr Suit – from Pink Flag

And here’s the evidence that it all adds up to just under 45 minutes:

mp3 : Wire – An Imaginary Compilation Album


5 thoughts on “AN IMAGINARY COMPILATION ALBUM : #114 : WIRE (2)

  1. i’ve done a third wire ICA:
    01 Kidney Bingos
    02 Kidney Bingos
    03 Kidney Bingos
    04 Kidney Bingos
    05 Kidney Bingos
    06 Kidney Bingos
    07 Kidney Bingos
    08 Kidney Bingos
    09 Kidney Bingos
    10 Kidney Bingos

    It was the first song by them that I heard and it remains one of my favourites. I always associate it with Surfer Rosa as I had a C90 cassette with the album on and a bit of space at the end so Kidney Bingos was on there to use up the extra space. The other side of the cassette was 69 by AR Kane.

  2. Fantastic!! Dot Dash is one of my all timers and Map Ref… is quite untouchable! Will there be a difficult middle period ICA to round things out?

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