Once again this is a band whose inclusion in the series rests with the fact a song was included on a compilation CD, in this instance one given away with a sunday newspaper back in 2007. I’ve had to dig deep to find info and this is adapted from a piece in a newspaper that covers their hometown:-

INDIE rockers The Draymin have vowed to go out with a bang after announcing their headline performance at Weekend Revolution will be their final show.

The Rosyth five-piece of Fraser Penman, Craig Penman, Gec Livingstone, Gary Louch and Cal Nicol will bow out after 10 years together at the one-day music extravaganza in Dunfermline on 3rd October 2015.

Their gig at Lourenzos will bring to an end a memorable decade that has taken them to T in the Park, RockNess and the South by Southwest festival in Texas, as well as attracting interest from recording giants EMI.

Although a record deal eluded them, The Draymin won an army of fans but any hope that they could reunite – as they did in 2009 after a year apart – was put to bed by guitarist Craig, who told Press:ON, “We’ve had enough reunions now I think – how many do you do? This is our last one ever as The Draymin, although we’ll probably find that we’ll still go for a jam together or some of the guys might go on and do their own thing. It’s difficult to get all five of us together for practice; times change with kids and work. We gave it a good bash and we’re happy to go out on a high.

The band have come a long way from their first gig at Rosyth Dockyard Club in 2005 and Craig, who revealed the band have produced a final single called ‘Dangerous Door’, reflected, “We put the video together for the new tune and it’s a montage of photos of gigs we’ve played and places we’ve visited, and there’s been a lot of good times and laughs. A lot of the stories you couldn’t print though!

“Getting to play T in the Park twice was something else, and going to RockNess and South by Southwest were great experiences. We went to the EMI recording studios for a week which was great, even though we weren’t quite what they were looking for in the end. We took it all in our stride and kept our feet on the ground; they were great times and it didn’t matter if we were signed or not.

“It’s easy to look back and think ‘what if’, but there’s no point because it’s outwith your control. We could easily have been signed but quickly dropped, so you can never tell. We just enjoyed making and performing music and although you can’t rule anything out, we can’t go on forever – unless you’re the Rolling Stones!

I’m thinking that there will be thousands of examples of The Draymin the world over. Huge in their home town and immediate surroundings but never quite having that something to take them to a wider audience. Fair play to the boys for keeping it going for so long.

mp3 : The Draymin – Rise Up