We began this series in London before heading over to Oslo.  Today….it’s Bordeaux.

mp3: Watoo Watoo – Correspondance

From last fm:-

“Watoo Watoo consist primarily of Pascale & Michaël, who live in Bordeaux. Michaël usually records new songs on his computer, e-mails friends to help with the guitars, and then asks Pascale to add her lovely voice…

Over the years, Watoo Watoo have released 3 albums & 2 E.P.s on various labels throughout the world & have made appearances on an impressive number of compilations.

The music was strictly indiepop in Watoo Watoo’s early years, but now other influences have surfaced. “Felt is still an obsession but Serge Gainsbourg is also one. I also discovered a lot of new music in the last few years, so bossa beats or jazz chords sometimes subconsciously appear when I write a new song”, says Michaël.”

A look at Discogs reveals a debut EP as long ago as 1997, along with five studio LPs released between 2001 and 2018.  The track on the Indietracks compilation was on the 2014 album, Une Si Longue Attente.

Here’s some other songs:-

mp3: Watoo Watoo – Un Peu De Moi (from Un Peu De Moi, 1997)
mp3: Watoo Watoo – Perdu (from La Fuite, 2007)
mp3: Watoo Watoo – Un Lundi Comme Autre (from Uni Si Longue Attente, 2014)
mp3: Watoo Watoo – Modern Express (from Modern Express, 2018)