The extensive music collection doesn’t have anything by Mambo Taxi other than their final single released on Clawfist Records in 1993. It was their third 45/EP of that particular year although 1994 would see the release of their only album, although its 13 tracks didn’t feature either of these:-

mp3 : Mambo Taxi – Do You Always Dress Like That In Front Of Other People’s Boyfriends?
mp3 : Mambo Taxi – I Want To Marry A Serial Killer

They were a band that I only ever knew from Jacques the Kipper including an earlier single of theirs on one of his compilation tapes and the reason I bought ‘Dress Like That’ was I thought it and the b-side had cracking titles and it was only £2 for a decent condition second-hand copy. The songs are top stuff with the b-side being akin to one of those mad instrumentals that Blur used to throw at us on their early LPs.

Mambo Taxi weren’t with us for very long, and most commentators of the day described their sound as a mix of garage, punk and pop which on the basis of these two tracks seems accurate enough.