The Cranberries haven’t ever featured much on this or the old blog, mainly as they were a band who I thought released a couple of very good singles and then didn’t really do too much for me. There were obviously a lot of words said yesterday in the mainstream media as well as social media about the death of lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan, at the young age of 46.

One particular Facebook posting from a friend of mine called Robert caught my attention for the lovely way he expressed his thoughts about someone who only fleetingly had an impact on him as a music fan. It really resonated with me, as I’m sure it will with most of you, as we’ve all had songs that have done the same to us at some point in time but nothing else from a singer or band ever had an impact.

For a few months in late 92 early 93 the Cranberries were my special band, they were a band that only I knew. I had been introduced to them by a friend who is long since gone who advised that they were a cross between The Sundays and The Cocteau Twins.

I heard the first single they released and tried unsuccessfully to buy it, I managed to order, through a local record shop, their second “Linger” which to my ears sounded like a heart breaking. Having ordered it I remember it took forever to arrive and when finally it did arrive I must have listened to it a hundred or more times in those first few days. It’s a song that made me sad, emotional and somehow maudlin for no real reason.

They toured with Suede and by the time their debut album came out I had moved on, I never even heard their debut record. They didn’t ever capture me again. In 94 Linger was re-released and everyone knew them, the time had passed. I know very little of their catalogue and never really liked anything else they made but for a few months in 93 they were special.

To me there singer always seemed troubled and never quite happy, I was initially surprised to read about her passing but it didn’t last long. I hope she is happy now. RIP Dolores.

I’ve thanked Robert for allowing me to put this up today…and it’s a reminder that this really was a lovely 45:-

mp3 : The Cranberries – Linger