A couple of years ago my sister sent me a link to a track by Superturtle, this was something that had never happened before. My sister emigrated to New Zealand over 25 years ago and during those 25 years or so we had almost exclusively communicated through cards (Birthday and Christmas), occasional phone calls and more recently WhatsApp. We had certainly never mentioned music/bands and whilst I’m sure she knew I was a ‘music’ fan and had an idea of my tastes as I had taken her to gigs in the late 70’s/early 80’s including The Undertones and The Jam it was a shock that she would recommend a song to me.

As you will have already guessed, I clicked on the link and liked what I heard. I then explored their Bandcamp site, played another couple of tracks, sounded good and bought their full digital discography.

I made a conscious decision not to try and find out anything about the band other than what’s on their Bandcamp site so there is a lack of band info/history. : They are located in Auckland, New Zealand

Superturtles debut LP was released in August 2008 and now 12 years later the fifth album ” Wait For It ” has been released. The band have amassed a stellar catalogue of critically acclaimed releases.

I was surprised that they only released their first album in 2008 as their sound is very much early 1980s guitar led short 3-minute songs reminiscent of poppy Buzzcocks/Undertones/Blondie ( I might be overselling it slightly)

Side 1

1. Watch Your Eyes

The closest Superturtles come to a sing-along anthem and a cracking way to start an album.

2. Sit Still Now

A more typical sounding song with a title every parent of young children will be familiar with…

3. Down Down Down

Another ‘boppy’ tune but with a darker lyrical subject matter which appears to refer the consequences of committing a crime – although the consequence is not quite in the league of ‘The Mercy Seat’

4. Transatlantic Affairs

Not too sure what this one is about – but ‘falling down’ and being ‘the last to leave’ may be a clue

5. A Strange Sense of Forebording

Really like the guitar in this one and the female backing vocals add a lighter tone.

Side 2

I’ve tried to put together 5 tracks which have a common thread – the first 4 seem to describe what life is like in your late teens/early twenties when you have no responsibilities and your life is focussed upon going out dancing, seeing bands drinking with a group of mates and the last tracks describes meeting up again decades later

1. Dancing in the Hall

What all great music makes you want to do – although it’s mainly in the kitchen washing up for me these days.

2. Dress The Same

The title says it all.

3. That’s What You’re Looking For

Faster, more aggressive sounding and only 1.30 mins in length. Every album needs that wake up track to make sure you are still listening.

4. Best Days Of My Life

The foot tapper – the drums pound away driving this song forward

5. Student Flat Reunion

Slower more reflective.

I hope you enjoy listening to Superturtle ( not sure about the name), it won’t change your world but will hopefully brighten up your day



  1. Interesting stuff! It’s amazing how many NZ bands there are that seem to have never been picked up over here. Looking forward to swimming more deeply withSuperturtle. Crap name though!

  2. Great stuff, Middle Aged Man! Exactly as described: a fun 30 minutes that brightened up my day. I agree with DAM, a crap name…but any worse than Split Enz or Pyjama Club?!

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