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More Kiwis this week, which I discovered on an Australian TV show, hosted by an American musician.

The show is called ‘rage’, an all-night music video show that has been screening on the ABC (Australia’s public broadcaster) every Friday & Saturday night for the last 27 years.   Most Saturday nights a guest presenter programs it, usually a visiting musician/band, but they’ve also had writers, artists etc (last year for example, just before the federal elections, they had a politician from each of the 3 major parties co-hosting it, which was pretty interesting actually – kinda shed new light on them).

Generally they have a few hours of tracks the host has chosen, with them introducing some of them, then a bunch of videos of their own.  As you can imagine, a great thing to come home to after a night out, when you’re not quite ready for bed yet (or to stay up for if not out-and-about).  Worthwhile checking out the website if you have the time… hmm, seems they’ve changed it a bit (hate that) – used to be able to scroll back over at least the last 15-20 years worth and see who programmed it and what they played, now seems to only go to 2007 (though you can still find earlier playlists with a bit of effort).

Alternatively, think of a band/artist you like who may have toured Australia and type into your search engine of choice: “so-and-so’ programming Rage”  (eg, some folk might be interested to see what the author Irvine Welsh programmed, or what New Order programmed when they hosted it. Many others of note have also been involved over the years, such as Beck, Teenage Fanclub, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave… sorry JC, don’t think Morrissey has… though Henry Rollins did, and you may or may not want to see him explaining why he programmed a Moz song… )

Anyway, back in 2005 Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins was hosting it. He had been in NZ before coming to Australia and was quite taken by this track by The Bads, so decided to play the clip. Really glad he did cos L love it and hope you will too

mp3 : The Bads – Carry The Weight

Cheers, Craig