I’m sure there are some folk out there who reckon Love Is The Law is a cracking piece of music, and would argue that it certainly merits a place in this occasional series.  Indeed, given that this debut 45 went all the way to #3 in the UK singles chart, there might be quite a lot of you think along those lines.

Don’t count me in.

Yes, I did buy a copy back in either late April or early May 1997.  From recollection, it was part of a promotional offer in Virgin Records (or it might have been HMV) where you could get three chart singles for £5.  Looking at the Top 30 rundown that week, I’m thinking the others in the bundle could well have been Lovefool by The Cardigans, and Where Are They Now? by Gene.   I’d probably be lucky to get 5p if I put them on e-bay today.

I would have heard The Seahorses debut on the radio at some point as it was tailor-made for such a medium.  It obviously registered enough with me to make it part of the bargain bundle, albeit I never had really taken to The Stone Roses.  Everyone of a certain age was telling me that John Squire was the guitarist of his generation, and that his talents and musicianship would very much be at the forefront of his new band.  What did I have to lose?

mp3: The Seahorses – Love Is The Law

As it turns out, I lost £1.67, the equivalent of one-third of a fiver.

I maybe played this three times all told.  I realised on its first play that I hadn’t actually listened to it properly on the radio.  The tune was AOR muck and the lyric was variety-hall of the George Formby era with its mentions of Strap-On Sally chasing boys down the alley…..

Having played the other two singles,I returned to The Seahorses, just in case I had maybe over-reacted. It was then immediately put onto the CD shelves, quickly forgotten.

The third would have been just a few weeks ago, as I pondered whether if it should perhaps be reassessed.

Nope.   It is the very definition of landfill indie.

I may as well offer up the two other songs on the CD single.

mp3: The Seahorses – Dreamer
mp3: The Seahorses – Sale Of The Century

And to think, there were many music critics who were convinced this band was the future.  No wonder indie-guitar music soon died so spectacularly on its arse soon after.

Feel free to differ.  Or just move along quietly, and we can pretend this post never appeared on the blog.