The Low Miffs burst suddenly onto the scene in 2007/08, made a bit of splash with two singles, teamed up with the legendary Malcolm Ross for a fantastic album and then called it a day.

The band comprised Leo Condie (vocals,guitar), Thomas Brogan (guitar, keyboards), Rory Clark (drums), Mike Fowler (bass) and Peter Webster (guitar). I’m thinking most of them will still be involved in music in some
shape or other – I caught Leo Condie’s most recent band White a couple of years ago, again finding myself amazed at his voice which at times is so reminiscent of Billy McKenzie (although not neccesarily on today’s two songs)

Here’s the two sides of their second single, released on the Leeds-based Art/Goes/Pop back in 2008:-

mp3 : The Low Miffs – Earl Grey
mp3 : The Low Miffs – This Is The New

This is one where the b-side feels so much better than the a-side……

The Low Miffs were talked about in the highest of terms when they first appeared, being championed by Franz Ferdinand and given a support slot by The Horrors. The album with Malcolm Ross will be looked at next time around in this series.