I was talking to Mrs CTel the other night after she’d been grumbling about some clattery techno track I was playing. She’s an indie kid at heart. You must like some of it, I said. More in hope than anything. There are a couple, she admitted. You ought to write about them, I suggested. And then the august JC’s computer got sick. So here we are. Please welcome Mrs CTel to the TVV team.

Her first selection is Renegade Soundwave. Formed in London during the late ’80s, Renegade Soundwave applied the punk and industrial ethic to both dub and dancefloor electronica. The trio of Gary Asquith, Danny Briottet and Carl Bonnie debuted with the 1987 single “Kray Twins”. The group’s only hit, “Probably a Robbery”, made the British Top 40 early in 1990, but Bonnie left later that year for a solo career. Asquith and Briottet spent several years in isolation before emerging in 1994 with the “Renegade Soundwave” single and the album How You Doin?. The compilation RSW 87-95 emerged in 1996. But then it all went quiet again. As of 2007, Danny Briottet is producing and recording/remixing under the name of Red Star and Gary Asquith is in a band called Lavender Pill Mob with Kevin Mooney, formerly of Adam & The Ants along with Electro ambient artist Lee Simeone.

Mrs Ctel selects the Renegade Soundwave single as her dance music for indie kids track:

This is an excellent track. It has a driving beat, melodic tune and attitude. It sounds relatively slow these days but is still irresistibly confident. Not sure where they’re from – they say “the Cockney b*stards cannot rhyme” [on “Howyoudoin?”], so I’m guessing not London.. Takes you straight to getting-ready-to-go-clubbing or hosting your own memorable-if-hazy-about-the-details night of partying. It isn’t trying to save the world or moan on about lost love, only “the guitar we just couldn’t tune”. Enjoy problems Renegade Soundwave style – hear it on headphones and get the stereo effect of depth and swirling sound and keep listening till your spine tingles.

mp3 : Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave 7″ Mix

mp3 : Renegade Soundwave – Howyoudoin?

mp3 : Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave Whistling Guitar Mix

JC adds in 2016……………

This was ctel and Mrs ctel stepping in when, over a weekend, my PC crashed and left me powerless to post.  The old blog was just over a year old and was picking up a bit of momentum in terms of numbers of visitors and folk beginning to leave behind comments and initiate some debate.

Mrs ctel will be here all week…………..