In 2000, Chemikal Underground came up with the idea of having an imprint named Fukd ID for limited edition releases (1,000 maximum) by a variety of acts, not all of who were on the label.

There ended up being eight releases via the imprint, one of which (Fukd ID #3) was the first ever release by Interpol and is fairly valuable to collectors. The last of them (Fukd ID #8), was accompanied by this promotional blurb:-

Sounding like a team of Harvard lawyers, Kempston, Protek & Fuller are actually John Clark (ex-bis) and Ally Christie (erstwhile guitar tech for the Delgados, Mogwai, The Pixies and all manner of assorted indie rock royalty). Their brand of eccentric electronica fitted the bill for Fukd ID perfectly and this remains another little known diamond in the crown of this offbeat series….

One of the tracks was later included on Dramatis Personae, an amazing retrospective released by the label in 2006 featuring 17 audio tracks and 28 videos from the label’s story so far, with the DVD including a number of audio commentaries.

mp3 : Kempston, Protek & Fuller – Localised Flooding

In doing a bit of research for this post, I learned that Kempston, Protek & Fuller are all names of computer game joysticks from the eighties……that alone should give you an idea of what to expect from today’s post.