Cribbed from bandcamp:-

Stevie Jones is a prolific musician, composer and producer, and a key figure in the underground Glasgow music scene for more than two decades.

Imagine the universe of Sound of Yell as an artist’s studio or a theatre props store, where instead of paints and brushes and jumbled boxes there are instruments and sounds and motifs mingled together, some to melodious effect, others fusing to conjure an eerie dissonance.

Overseeing this Aladdin’s cave of sound and song is Jones, whose balance of the deliberate and the spontaneous has become a signature developed through countless collaborations – including Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, Alasdair Roberts, Emma Pollock and Arab Strap – the groundbreaking quartet El Hombre Trajeado (alongside guitarist RM Hubbert) and stints composing music and sound design for Scotland’s leading theatre companies.

There have been two albums – Broken Spectre (2014) and Leapling (2020) – both of which were released by Chemikal Underground.

I’ve a copy of the debut album, and it’s quite unlike anything else I have in the collection.  I’ve a feeling the song I’ve selected from it won’t appeal to many regulars, but who knows?

mp3: Sound Of Yell – Scuttling

It’s the first of eight tracks on Broken Spectre.