It was with a mixture of sadness and happiness that I read this e-mail the other week:-

Hi Jim,

That will probably be my last ever SWC column – if you read my last ever WYCRA post (note from JC – it has since been deleted!!) you will understand why – I’m off to the jungle for a while. Its a job I volunteered for a while back – they have massive gang problems in Guyana as well as one of the highest homicide rates in the world and they need experienced intelligence workers to help out. So we are off to a UN compound or something in the capital. I have no idea what to expect…

I will have limited access to the internet there, to be honest I’ll be fairly busy as well.
So thanks, I owe you a lot, more than I think you will ever realise. VV was the major inspiration behind my blog, but I admire and respect your dedication to blogging, music and your audience. Thanks for putting up with my weekly diatribe of nonsense – although I have to say I really enjoyed writing them. I emptied the box the other day. The next disc I pulled out was ‘Cha Cha Cha’ by EMF followed by ‘Buddy Holly’ by Weezer. I’ve attached a track from the EMF album and the Weezer track. Just for old times sake….I haven’t written anything about them though. The EMF album was unexpectedly outstanding.

There were a few crackers left in that box you know  – dEUS, The Lemonheads, Scheer, Lambchop and James to name but a few. Weirdly there was a copy of ‘Ok Computer’ in there, considering I have never owned a copy and nor has my sister, I have no idea who it belongs to…

Anyway…Keep on blogging, its outstanding, but I think you know that…

One day I’ll buy you a pint my friend.



I was sad as I always looked forward to S-WC’s e-mails…..I sort of pride myself on having the blog open to anyone who wants to contribute – although in the end, that was the downfall of the old blog as many of the contributions led to DMCA notices which triggered off Google’s automatic tearing down of TVV – but S-WC was the first to offer to write a weekly column even after taking the plunge and starting his own blog.

I really do wish him well in Guyana…I know from experience that moving overseas to work for a spell can be one of the best things to happen in anyone’s life…and I’m sure he will thrive in that environment.

The comment about the pint brought a wee lump to my throat. Y’see, a few months back, it really did look as if S-WC was going to be in Glasgow on business and we made provisional arrangements to meet up. As you may have gathered from the recent Friends Electric series, I’ve been lucky enough to have met a good number of the bloggers I most admire and I know that meeting S-WC in the flesh would not have been a letdown. Sadly, at the last minute, he was told he wasn’t needed in my neck of the woods and we agreed that we’d merely postpone that pint (albeit I would need to break the news to him when we hit the pub that I’m strictly a wine and spirits connoisseur!!)

But as he said…and I’m holding him to it… day.

Here’s the last songs S-WC is contributing for now

mp3 : EMF – Perfect Day
mp3 : Weezer – Buddy Holly

He also put this in the zip file….and it made me laugh,

mp3 : Jungle – Busy Earnin’

Safe trip my friend. And don’t be a stranger on those few occasions that you do get internet access