This one involved a fair bit of digging.

There’s one track on the hard drive by Night Noise Team, courtesy of its inclusion on a compilation CD Limbo Live Volume One.

Limbo was a live music club based out of The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh that ran from 2007-2016. It pulled together some amazing line-ups during that time, giving a much need boost to the live scene in the city, which, certainly in comparison to Glasgow, is far less obvious mainly as a result of a lack of decent venues, for all sorts of reasons.

It was back in 2009 that a live CD was compiled and released, consisting of songs recorded at one or other of the Limbo nights. 14 songs in all, mostly from acts based in Scotland, with the common issue being they were on small labels or indeed were unsigned. I hadn’t heard of Night Noise Team (NNT) whatsoever until going through the hard drive to see who came alphabetically after The Needles, but here’s what I’ve been able to find out.

NNT consisted of Sean Ormsby (voice, guitar), Fabien Pinardon (bass, guitar, keys), Marco Morelli (lead guitar) and Mike Walker (drums). The debut single was Menolick, a digital release via their own Permwhale Recordings in 2009.

In subsequent years, they would release further singles, and EP and three albums, all of which are still obtainable at this page over at Bandcamp. The links to the band and label websites are no longer active and there has been no new material since 2015.

Here’s the track from the Limbo compilation, a live version of the debut single:-

mp3: Night Noise Team – Menolick

It’s a reasonably decent song, with one reviewer back in 2010 taken enough to offer this view of the studio version:-

“This hotly-tipped Edinburgh crew are, it must be said, very 80s, like Talk Talk with a sinister edge, and with robotic vocals that explode like Joy Division plays pop or one of Interpol’s darker moments. The synths that run through sit uneasily with the rest of the song, but they do keep what could be a doomy rocker bright and in fact show off what is a rather ace tune.”

It would be great if anyone reading this could offer more info.