In June 1983, the UK dance act Freeez enjoyed their biggest ever chart success when this single reached #2 in the charts:-

mp3 : Freeez – I.O.U.

As the cover of the single indicates, as much prominence was given to the fact that the record was produced by Arthur Baker as it was a release by Freeez. It really was massive that summer, spending months in the charts and becoming one of the biggest best-selling singles in the UK in 1983. Just as importantly from the band, producer and record label perspective, it also got massive play in clubs all across the United States, thanks to its infectious and catchy chorus and repetitive but memorable beat.

At the same time as Freeez enjoyed this success, it became known that New Order had also been working with Arthur Baker to release the follow-up to Blue Monday. The band coyly dropped hints that while the new song would be a bit different from previous New Order tracks, it would somehow be familiar to many. A bit of an understatement when you listen to this:-

mp3 : New Order – Confusion

Given that it was released while I.O.U. was still in the lower regions of the British singles chart, Confusion did remarkably well to climb to #12 on its release in August 1983. Especially as it was only issued in a 12″ format.  It was amazing to see so many New Order fans belatedly accept the brilliance of the disco-pop single that had driven so many of them demented in the previous months. I say this with some certainty, as I was one of them…..

This tune – and let’s face it, it is two songs with the same tune – did more than just about any other to create that indie/dance crossover, and in its way was more responsible for the development of The Hacienda nightclub than any other New Order song.

Fancy some b-sides?

mp3 : Freeez – I Dub U
mp3 : New Order – Confusion (Rough Mix)

Lay down thy overcoat and dance…..