This is another one that I wasn’t sure about including, but having decided that the Scottish frontman of this English-based band was such a key factor in their songs and sound that I’m edging them in.

Jimmie O’Neill and the late Cha (Charles) Burns are best known as being part of The Silencers, a band formed in Glasgow in the 80s and still going strong today. Prior to that, they had been half of Fingerprintz, a new wave band from London who released eight singles and three albums between 1979 and 1981, all on Virgin Records. Most of the songs were written by O’Neill, including this rather splendid debut 45 (albeit it is very much of its time and place):-

mp3 : Fingerprintz – Dancing With Myself

It didn’t trouble the charts; nor indeed did any of the band’s releases.