This particular 45 came out on Factory Records back in 1991. I had completely forgotten about it and indeed the fact that The Wendys were a Scottish band until I was checking on something for what will be #126 in the series and spotted that this lot were originally from Edinburgh.  Listened again for the first time in aaaaaaagggggggeeeeeessss and quite enjoyed it although the instrumental b-side hasn’t dated all that well.

Formed in Edinburgh in 1987, they were the second Scottish band to be signed to Factory Records.  As an unsigned band they gained a support slot with Happy Mondays and on the back of the shows were encouraged to send a demo to messrs Wilson & co. It was a short-lived career, consisting of two singles, an EP and an album called Gobbledygook that was produced by Ian Broudie, with the label running into severe financial difficulties which ultimately led to its demise in November 1992. The Wendys disappeared off the radar for a long time, coming back in 1999 to release a second LP, many of the featured songs dateing back to work that had been aborted when Factory went down the tubes.

In 2012, the band reformed for a one-off gig, in Glasgow, to commemorate a re-release of Gobbleydegook.

mp3 : The Wendys – Pulling My Fingers Off
mp3 : The Wendys – I Feel Slowly