mp3: The Hobbes Fanclub – Your Doubting Heart (from Indietracks Compilation, 2012)
mp3: The Hobbes Fanclub – Why Should You Tell The Truth? (from Indietracks Compilation, 2014)

I’ve cobbled this bio from a combination of all music and a piece from a PR agency when the band got round to releasing its debut album:-

Shoegaze-minded indie pop trio The Hobbes Fanclub had its beginnings in 2008 as a transcontinental collaboration between U.K. singer/songwriter Leon Carroll and Brazilian musician Fabiana Karpinski. Without ever meeting in person, the duo worked on songs via file sharing and released a few CD-Rs on smaller indie labels before parting ways in 2010.

At that time Carroll expanded the band to include drummer Adam Theakston and bassist/vocalist Louise Phelan, two musicians from his home base of Bradford, England.

They released a debut 7″ “Your Doubting Heart” on Shelflife in August 2012 and played the NYC Popfest in 2013. Debut album “Up At Lagrange” (August 2014) packs a feedback punch to the face, hitting you with the perfect amount of distortion, feedback and melody. The energy and attitude of the early 90s is heard throughout the album, full of restrained production values and classic song structures. They show off their knack for writing catchy boy/girl vocal melodies up against hazy, overdriven guitars and pounding rhythms. “Up At Lagrange” is a refreshingly diverse album that will leave you wanting to listen on repeat til the grooves wear thin or the foil inside the CD begins to fade.”

As you’ll have noticed, the debut single was included on Indietracks 2012, while the song included on Indietracks 2014 was taken from the debut album.

It appears, given there is nothing else on Discogs post-2014, that The Hobbes Fanclub spilt-up after the release of the album.

Here’s two more songs from said album:-

mp3: The Hobbes Fanclub – Stay Gold
mp3: The Hobbes Fanclub – I Knew You’d Understand