Foxface were one of many Scottish indie/folk bands to blossom in the first decade of the 21st Century only to fade away on the back of some well-received early material.

They consisted of Michael Angus (vocals, guitar), John Ferguson (drums, accordion, banjo, mandolin) and Jenny Bell (bass, vocals). They released one album in 2007 which is probably around the time I would have caught them in the live setting as they did a few shows as support to a number of mainstream acts.

The album was entitled This Is What Makes Us, and it consisted of 11 songs over little more than half-an-hour. I mentioned that it was well received, particularly in the Scottish media, with this being a typical review:-

This Glasgow outfit’s three members have been kicking around the Scottish indie scene for years, two of them most famously as members of Peeps into Fairyland, but their decision to join forces as Foxface is easily the wisest of their career. This beguiling debut is driven by a warm and romantic blend of haunting boy/girl vocals, mandolins, pianos, torrents of bluesy guitars, demonic basslines and thundering drums, veering from quiet poetic ballads to dark and rhythmic attacks throughout, and keeping us captivated from start to finish. Sons & Daughters devotees will go weak at the knees for Foxface, and rightly so. Utterly divine.

Camilla Pia, The List magazine, November 2007

I personally never saw the compariosonss with Sons & Daughters beyond the male/female co-vocals and always felt Foxface were more akin to a folk or traditional band than anything else.

Here’s a track from said record:-

mp3 : Foxface – Winners/Losers