That above is the sleeve to the 7″ single with the catalogue number SARAH 12. It came out in December 1988 and was the debut from The Field Mice. The lead track is achingly gorgeous. There were three quality songs alongside it. If you own this single than please treasure it and look after it well. It sells for upwards of £60 on the second-hand market these days.

Of course I don’t have a copy. I missed out on a lot of music in the late 80s as my priorities were elsewhere. It took me a long long long time to discover The Field Mice and it came courtesy of a 1998 CD compilation, which even then I didn’t buy until 2007… but I really didn’t mind being so late to the party.

The four tracks on the debut single appear on that compilation:-

mp3 : The Field Mice – Emma’s House
mp3 : The Field Mice – When You Sleep
mp3 : The Field Mice – Fabulous Friend
mp3 : The Field Mice – The Last Letter