I know its Friday….but I’m bringing this forward by 24 hours as my way of saying a very happy birthday to Mrs Villain. She loves the Biff…..but I think it has a lot to do with the looks of the lead singer Simon Neil (the bloke in the middle who looks as if he wouldn’t be out of place in a costume drama).

Me? I don’t get quite get them but I do like one of their early singles, the one that first brought them chart success back in 2003:-

mp3 : Biffy Clyro – Questions and Answers

It was about four years later that the band really took off and became one of the best-loved acts in the heavier end of the rock spectrum. From what I’ve seen of them on televison they are a mighty impressive live act.

Tune in tomorrow for the post that was scheduled to be here today. It’s kind of controversial.