The Hussy’s were the band formed by James McColl after the break-up of The Supernaturals in 2002. They were an act which seemed to be heavily reliant on MySpace to get info and product out there, and with the relevant page(s) not there any more, info is quite scant.

Given that I quite liked The Supernaturals, I really should have paid attention but the band totally passed me by. I’ve done a bit of digging and found an on-line piece from back in 2007 from which I’ve cobbled this:-

The Hussy’s are a 6-piece band from Glasgow. Their songs recall the quirkiness and the pop hooks of amongst others, the vastly underrated Supernaturals. It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that head Hussy James McColl indeed used to be The Supers singer and songwriter. The Hussy’s however are not a rehash of McColl’s former band with a female singer, they have a sound, which is all their own, but one that is not afraid to draw on many influences. You could hear a dash of Madness in one track, a touch of Kirsty MaColl, or even a nod to Polly Styrene in others! Trying to pin down a style is difficult as the Hussy’s’ don’t seem to sit still for too long, compare “Tiger” to “We Expected” or listen to the quirky “Rock Concert”, and in terms of style, they could be by different bands, were it not for Filli’s distinctive vocals giving it that “Hussy” factor.

The Hussy’s released their debut EP ‘Tiger’, in September 2005, and their second EP in March 2006; both on their own label Fat Cheerleader records. In May 2007 the band released the fabulous “We Expected” as a single in the UK. The band have also released an album in Japan and have had their song “Rock Concert” used on a nationwide advert for very comfortable, stylish yet affordable, shoes in the USA. They will release their excellent new EP “Sunday Morning” later this year.

The only track I have of theirs is, again, courtesy of its inclusion on a compilation CD fired over a few years back by Phil Hogarth:-

mp3 : The Hussy’s – Snowboard

It’s a track from the four-track debut EP Tiger.