I’ve one song by this lot, courtesy of it being in the Cherry Red C88 box set that was released in June 2017. Here’s the words from the booklet:-

The short-lived Holidaymakers, part of an Edinburgh scene spawned by the likes of the Shop Assistants and Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes were Adrian Smith (vocals/guitar), Neil Craig (guitar), Mark Cunningham (bass) and Richard Guy (drums). The jangly ‘Everyday’ graced the first Whoosh flexi (sharing honours with The Nivens’ ‘Let Loose Of My Knee’) and was followed by the majestic ‘Cininatti’, (Whoosh 004, 1988) two minutes or so of chiming guitars and assured, smouldering vocals that equalled Paul Simpson in The Wild Swans at his best. Alas, there was just one further release, 1989’s ‘Skyrider’, on the Gay Cowboy Recording Organisation, before the band rode off into the sunset.

mp3 : Holidaymakers – Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a good song, but the vocal delivery is nothing like that of Paul Simpson and this the description in the booklet is a bit misleading. I lived in Edinburgh from mid 85-mid 88, but it was a time I didn’t take much to do with music and I certainly have no recollection of Holidaymakers. Indeed, I can’t even recall seeing the sleeve in any record shops, despite me still spending many a lunchtime browsing those indie stores which weren’t too far from my city centre office.

I have managed to track down the b-side of the single:-

mp3 : Holidaymakers – Seventh Valley Girl