Edinburgh School For The Deaf (taking their name from a famous landmark institution in that city) were a four-piece band much admired by a number of Scottish based music bloggers. The band came to prominence in 2010, emerging in part from the ashes of St Jude’s Infirmary in which two of the members had played.

Consisting of Ashley (vocal and “sweet” guitar), Jamie (drums), Grant (shouting and bass) and Kieran (vocals and “sourer” guitar) they gigged a lot, particularly in Edinburgh and to a slightly lesser extent in Glasgow and Dundee, but for some strange reason I never got to see them. I was told in particular by Mike (Manic Pop Thrills) and Matthew (Song, By Toad) that I was missing out on something that was quite distinctively Scottish but which drew upon all sorts of influences from all sorts of eras. If you look up various reviews from their time together you will come across name checks for the likes of Interpol, My Bloody Valentine and The Delgados. Their own description of their sound was “deathjangle” and “noise pop”.

I bought a copy of their debut LP New Youth Bible on its release in 2011 and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced. But its an album which slowly grew on me after multiple listens, although it’s not one I have gone to all that often since its release.

However, I did listen to it in full again the other week for the first time in a while and found myself more immersed in it than ever before. Maybe, like much of the rest of the world, I wasn’t quite ready for Edinburgh School For The Deaf back in the day and it’s their continued absence over the past five years that makes me miss them somewhat.

mp3 : Edinburgh School For The Deaf – Eleven Kinds Of Loneliness