Almost 20 years ago I was at The El Rey Theatre here in LA.

GTFP and I were there to see Ben Folds 5, who were about as popular as they were ever going to get. While waiting for the band to come on the house DJ played a song I didn’t recognize that really grabbed my attention. The booth is in the middle of the floor so I rolled up and asked what it was. “‘Almost the Same’ by Clearlake.” Who? “Clearlake.” Where are they from? “I don’t know.” What album is it on? “I don’t know.” Do they have any other records? “I don’t know.”

Alrighty then. I soon found the album ‘Cedars’ from which the song came, and also bought the first album, ‘Lido.’ Both were released on Domino Records. I learned the band was from Brighton. A couple of years later Clearlake’s third album, ‘Amber’, was released, also on Domino. I have now disclosed everything I know about Clearlake.

So, three albums: Lido (2001), Cedars (2003), and Amber (2006). No official releases after those. No idea what became of the band. Wiki says they recorded a fourth LP that was never released. Apparently, they put out a couple of online-only singles, but I never heard them. The band website is offline. They do not have a social media presence. Not one of my friends has ever heard of them. I included a Clearlake song on an ICA a few months back (Sunday Evening, from Lido); it might have been the only time the band featured on TVV.

I wish I knew more about Clearlake because I really love the songs. They’re clever, in an English way, and they’re well-constructed, recorded and produced. The lyrics can be really funny. The playing is tight and tasteful, whether it’s a slow tune or a rocking number. But, I got nothing. So, here’s an ICA. Since I have no context or memories attached to the band it’s just 10 of my favorite Clearlake songs in alphabetical order, starting with the one I heard at the El Rey.

  1. Almost The Same
  2. I Want To Live In A Dream
  3. It’s Getting Light Outside
  4. Jumble Sailing
  5. Just Off The Coast
  6. Keep Smiling
  7. No Kind Of Life
  8. Something To Look Forward To
  9. Wonder If The Snow Will Settle
  10. You Can’t Have Me
(1, 5, 6, 9 from Cedars; 2, 4, 8 from Lido; 3, 7, 10 from Amber.)

Anyone heard them? Anyone seen them? If somebody in the TVV crowd knows anything about Clearlake please say so. I feel like I should get their photo printed on milk cartons…


JC adds…..Jonny is correct in saying that Clearlake haven’t featured, in their own right, on the blog before.  But, from my perspective, that’s because I operate on the basis that if you can’t say anything good or positive about a singer or a band, then you should say nothing at all (which is why I take great delight when guest contributors fill in gaps through ICAs and/or other thoughts, views and opinions.).

I have copies of Lido and Cedars on CD.  I picked them up as one of the record shops was doing a special deal with releases on Domino Records and Clearlake was a band who had been talked up a fair bit in the monthly music magazines, along with the occasional broadsheet newspaper article.  I maybe listened to the CDs two or three times before deciding they weren’t my cup of tea (which these days, if anyone is interested, is made with these, no milk and no sugar).

Domino Records website describes Clearlake’s output as ‘poignant and atmospheric’.  Being signed to an indie rather than a major label meant that Clearlake were given a bit more time to eke out their sound and weren’t under pressure to have hit singles, but it always felt to me that Domino hoped they would prove to make the sort of breakthrough that Doves and Elbow both managed, with the critics staying on board while the CDs flew off the shelves.  I don’t think the songs were strong enough, nor distinct enough, to allow that to happen.

But, as mentioned earlier, I love that Jonny has pulled this together – I’m sure there’s a few folk out there who have some fond memories of Clearlake.


  1. I bought Amber on the strength of loving Far Away enough to grant it “Clandestine Classic” status. Sad to say, the album left me a bit … whelmed, neither under or over. Shame. In the process of researching that post for Far Away I did find out a bit more about the band, but not much.

  2. You can tell you have retired – Fortnum and Masons! You will be doffing your cap and voting for the blue rinse brigade next.

  3. “They’re clever, in an English way” made me wonder how the American way of cleverness possibly looks like in this context.

    And I only have one song of theirs, ‘I Hang On Every Word You Say’, which is, so discogs says in its wisdom, on ‘Lido’. Heard it on John Peel back then, where else? Class tune, for sure!

  4. I really liked Lido. MrsRobster was a fan too. Kind of lost track of them after that, though I do have the Almost The Same single for some reason.

    “Quintessentially English” was a description I read about them which seemed pretty accurate. Definitely something of the Syd Barrett about them. Strange how they just disintegrated around the time of the Britpop bonanza.

  5. Love Lido and Ceders. Both have a 60s feel and can imagine listening to their music on the wireless. There’s definitely something very English about them. Unfortunately for me the third album sounds like they were going for the big time and had been listening to a lot of Oasis.

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