I only have one track by The Kissing Bandits and it is courtesy of its incluson on the Park Lane Archives CD which was featured many moons ago in March 2016 as the 1,000th posting on the new blog.

I quoted from the booklet that came with the CD:-

This band led by Ronnie Costley remained very underground, despite releasing two 7″ singles ‘In Another Time’ and the Flamin Groovies ‘Shake Some Action’, plus a mini-album ‘The Sun Brothers’ on the French New Rose label. Featured the multi-award winning ‘Moulin Rouge’ composer Craig Armstrong on keyboards. This track is from the ‘Caveman’ single, taken from ‘The Sun Brothers’. Ronnie now croons in Ireland and has a country album ‘Dancing To Johnny’ out in Nashville.

mp3 : The Kissing Bandits – The Only Thing That Keeps Me Alive

I also had a closer look at the many personnel listed on the back of the mini-album sleeve (which would indicate the band went through a number of personnel changes over the period they were in existence) and spotted the name of Stephen Irvine who would find some fame in later years as the drummer with Lloyd Cole & The Commotions.

It does appear that the band were fairly active on the Glasgow scene in the mid 80s but I honestly can’t recall them. To be fair to myself, I did move away from the city in July 1985 to take up a job in Edinburgh and as I’ve mentioned a few times, there followed an approximate four year period where I more or less drifted away from keeping up with new and emerging music.