The past two days of postings  have been a tad grumpy what with being the underwhelming Salad being followed by the incredibly disappointing 13th single from James.

The solution therefore has to be a song that has the ability to make me smile no matter the mood I’m in whenever it pops up on the i-pod.  It’s one that some readers may be surprised to find featured on t’blog as, let’s face it, it is a song that is ridiculously light and rather inconsequential when it comes down to it, rarely if ever to feature on any countdown of all time favourites for a particular month far less a lifetime, but I have professed my love for this tune on previous occasions over at the old place.

mp3 : Betty Boo – Let Me Take You There (12″ version)

It was back in August 1992 when this delectable piece of pop caught the summer feeling and climbed its way to #12 in the UK charts and two years on from when Betty Boo (whose real name is Alison Clarkson) had first come to the attention of the public when she had enjoyed two Top 10 singles and a very successful debut LP that reached #4 and led to her being named Best Breakthrough Act at The BRITS.

The lead-off single was incredibly radio friendly, helped by its clever sampling of a Four Tops song, and relates the simple tale of wanting to escape from the daily grind and head down to the seaside for a day of fun and frolics.  It’s not a song that would ever claim to change the world, but I fell for its charms big-time and still have a 12″ copy kicking around in the cupboard

This was the last time however, that Betty Boo bothered the charts as a solo artist.  The follow-up singles flopped badly while the LP from which they were lifted sold miserably and reached just #66.

Alison Clarkson however, has managed to maintain a career in and around the music industry, chiefly as a songwriter for a number of disposable and largely forgettable acts.  Click here if you want more.