I don’t own anything else other by today’s featured band other than this 2013 single. It was bought on a whim as it had come out on Chemikal Underground, a label which is not afraid to take risks but more often than not over the years has called it right. I’m not so sure on this occasion however as it didn’t tempt me to buy the LP….but I’ve no doubt there will be folk more than prepared to put the case for Conquering Animal Sound.

mp3 : Conquering Animal Sound – The Future Does Not Require

A brief bit of background cribbed from wiki:-

Conquering Animal Sound is a Glasgow-based electronic duo consisting of Anneke Kampman (vocals/music) and James Scott (music). Gizeh Records released their debut album Kammerspiel, recorded and mixed via a lo-fi approach in Kampman’s flat. It was widely praised in print and on-line with Drowned In Sound stating that it “simultaneously managed to capture on record the full depth of their creativity and imagination, as well as the inherent beauty of their sound”.

The success of the debut led to the interest from Chemikal Underground and the band went into the label’s Chem 19 studios to mix their second album On Floating Bodies. Again, it was well received, being included in the Top 10 albums of 2013 by The List magazine which praised its “daring and gloriously rich palette”; an intereseting BBC online review said the album is “not always comfortable, but consistently engaging … persist and there’s real beauty to be found in its digitised designs” while a local paper called it “cosmic, disorientating and sublime”.

I’m not too sure if the band are still a going concern – for instance the official website is no longer maintained and its been a year since the twitter account was last activated.