Grant J Robson is a Scottish composer of electronica and modern orchestral soundtracks and former music producer under the moniker ‘McSleazy’.

McSleazy was at the forefront of the short-lived bootleg/mash-ups genre, as well as being an in-demand remixer.

In 2004, a vinyl EP could be picked up, consisting of four mash-ups of tracks from Franz Ferdinand‘s self-titled debut album and To The 5 Boroughs by Beastie Boys.

mp3: Franzie Boys – Triple Take
mp3: Franzie Boys – This Matinee Letter
mp3: Franzie Boys – 40ft Word
mp3: Franzie Boys – Time To Cheat On Michael

I had great hopes for this when I found it a few years ago in a second-hand store.  It wasn’t an expensive purchase, and even now it’s still widely available on Discogs for around a fiver.   Sadly, the idea and concept just feel to be better than the actual execution, but this might well be down to the fact that I’m such a huge fan of the original versions of the songs.