Today’s song must have been one that I picked up from another blog at some point in the dim and distant past as I have no recollection of The Lanterns, despite them being singed to Columbia Records and releasing three singles and an album in 1999.  They group was centred around songwriter/musician Jim Sutherland and vocalists Sylvia and Gina Rae.

Here’s a link to a piece in The Guardian, from July 1999, which provides a detailed backstory.

mp3 : The Lanterns – High Rise Town

In a nutshell, it’s two girls with distinctive Scottish brogues, singing about their own urban surroundings in a less salubrious part of Edinburgh, over the sort of mid-paced dance tune that was all the rage at the tail end of the 20th Century. I have no idea what became of the Rae sisters, but Jim Sutherland remains heavily involved in music and culture in Scotland, especially in the field of traditional and folk music, as well as the composition of scores for films, tv and theatre productions.