The above image is that which you will find at the head of Bagging Area, another excellent blog with a bit of an indie-bent but which is waaaaay more eclectic than you find in my own inane ramblings (for instance there’s been a long-running and entertaining series on rockabilly).

It is the work of Swiss Adam, who, in his own words when he started the blog is ‘a 40 year old man from Sale, Manchester who likes records’. As concise a description as is necessary.

Here’s something of his from May 2014 that I really liked:-

Be My Baby is, quite clearly, an utterly fantastic pop record derived from the imagination of Phil Spector and the combined voices and attitudes of The Ronettes. It has one of the form’s definitive drum beats (which it is impossible to get tired of).

It is also –  and this is a fact –  a song that can be put on any mixtape/compilation cd, before or after any other song by anybody, and still work perfectly. Try it.

mp3 : The Ronettes – Be My Baby

A posting of just five lines – but it makes the point perfectly. That’s what I call great blogging.

More Friends Electric next Monday