Today features a song that I have downloaded from somewhere at some point.  They are a Scottish band and they are a band I’ve actually seen play as a support act at one time or another (when and where I can’t recall) but bear with me as you have a listen to a song from the mid 2000s which more than reminds me of Arcade Fire:-

mp3 : Barn Owl – When No-One Is Around

The thing is, I recall downloading it when it was a song by a band called Gambas Pil Pil (named after a prawn based tapas dish) and then I heard it played live a few years later but by a band called Barn Owl.  From what I can tell, the bands are one and the same with just a name change.  But trying to track down a photo of the band, far less any relevant info has proved beyond me.

I’m guessig that they may well have formed around a group of friends who were studying togeher at University and then when the time came to use thier hard earned degrees to make an honest living the band fell by the wayside.  But that’s just idle and unsupported speculation on my part.

Anyone out there any knowledge?