The hard drive contains a substantial number of singers/bands of whom I have the foggiest. They are there because they have:-

(a) contributed to a compilation album/CD that I’ve got in the collection; or

(b) been downloaded from another blog or site and I’ve been too lazy or stupid to keep note of the original posting.

Today’s one off is in the former camp, with the one song being part of this CD that I picked up after a gig at King Tut’s back in 2004.

The internet has been my friend with the info that Macrocosmica formed in 1996 and prior to them dissolving in 2005 had released two albums, a mini-album, an EP and a single, as well as recording a number of radio sessions, including one for John Peel, back in 1997. The initial line-up consisted of Brendan O’Hare (guitar), Cerwyss Ower (bass), Gavin Laird (guitar) and Russell McEwan (drums), with the latter two being replaced a few years later by Keith Beacom (drums) and Gordon Brady (guitar). Oh, and Ms Ower had later become Mrs O’Hare!

They were musicians with a long and fine pedigree, all having cut their teeth in other bands, with the most famous being Brendan’s stint as the drummer with Teenage Fanclub. I was also saddened to read that Cerwyss, having had two children with Brendan but later separating from him, had tragically passed away at a very young age in 2013 after a battle with cancer.

I’m sorry I can’t offer up any more info on the band. And here’s the one song I have:-

mp3 : Macrocosmica – Torch Number One