As mentioned yesterday, the weather, here in Glasgow, was very warm and sunny in the final couple of weeks in the month of June, and I’ve not been in the mood to sit indoors at the keyboard churning out lengthy and analytical pieces with which to bore you rigid.

This is another of the bundle of singles picked up on Discogs a short time ago as part of an effort to save some postage.  As with my pop sensibilities, I’ve never hidden my love for much of the disco music that emerged in my late teens, as these songs were every bit as important as those in the punk/new wave genres on which I was splashing my hard-earned cash from delivering newspapers.

mp3: Earth Wind and Fire with The Emotions – Boogie Wonderland

The copy which arrived in the post had the above cover and seems to be some sort of import from Italy.

This was riding high in the charts in 1979, spending the best part of three months from mid-May to mid-August in the Top 75.  It reached #4. I recall dancing a lot to this that summer and beyond…..

The b-side is disco at its absolute purest…….

mp3: Earth Wind and Fire with The Emotions – Boogie Wonderland (instrumental)

The punk and new wave of 1979 may have ticked all the boxes of the typically angry/frustrated/unfulfilled teenager that I was, for the most part.  But Boogie Wonderland offered some form of escapism, even if it was just within the confines of a far from glamorous church hall.