Andrea over at Conventional Records writes his posts in Italian and I have to rely on one of those internet translation services to understand it – sometimes the translation doesn’t make perfect sense and it makes me wish I had learned to speak, read and write Italian.

For many years, Andrea was heavily involved in music in Italy either through the publication of articles and reviews or as a broadcaster on a local radio station in his home town of Lodi near Milan.  Nowadays, like so many of us, his time is taken up with work and family life and so his involvement in music nowadays is mainly through listening, attending gigs and writing about it on a blog.

He’s a big fan of My Bloody Valentine and so I thought I’d introduce you properly to him through some words he composed when MBV was released last year (and my apologies to Andrea that the translation service so often makes such a mess of your fine words )


The return of My Bloody Valentine after 22 years has been a truly meaningful test than you might be willing to get serious with the ethics of extreme Conventional Records .

The album comes out suddenly impossible, whatever you want for years and years, to know what it could be after the sounds of superhuman Loveless, one forgotten by everyone as scientifically impossible. Exits overnight and exists only on the other side of a screen, or on a display. On the website of My Bloody Valentine, on YouTube, I assume also on iTunes and Spotify, linked on blogs around the world. With its electric blue cover made of pixels. But no cardboard, no aluminum, vinyl somewhere. Well, good.

Then do nothing, Kevin Shields. I’ve waited 22 years, look again. I waited another 2 months, and then the blue pixels electrical materialized behind the window of Libraccio, as I tried in vain, for the umpteenth time, the new Johnny Marr. Label a deadly price: 24 €. No problem, here we are at the checkout. Actually helped a lot that I had to download the 100 points earned on the card HI, amounting to € 20. Great thing, and a great name, High Fidelity card. A place: 4 € 3rd album by My Bloody Valentine officially came into my life, between Loveless and Nearly God. And then, of course, inside the iPod …

Listened months after reading reviews more or less authoritative, it’s all true, they are all right. Those excited like kids and those who wonder if we really need it. The ones that everyone else by comparison disappear, and those who took 22 years seems to be patched and finished quickly. There can not be a neutral and objective way to approach this album, because it is too subjective is the relationship that each may have developed with the songs and the sound of My Bloody Valentine. Why is mainly dependent on them when it was discovered and heard, and what is the relationship that you have with the music today.

I’m right there in this album. Not looking for, do not expect more, and the sound out of the world of Loveless was part of the fondest memories of the 90s. But now that I got myself into, it seems that, subconsciously, I needed it. I do not think mbv, how it operates, will hold up over time compared with Loveless and Is Not Anything; but here and now, in 2013, it compensates its imperfections and unevenness of style with a powerful evocation of the world 20-25 years ago.

mp3 : My Bloody Valentine – She Found Now


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