Yesterday’s posting was about Biff Bang Pow! with its members numbering whose initial line-up was Alan McGee on guitar and vocals, Dick Green on guitar, Joe Foster on bass, and Ken Popple on drums but who, after two singles, saw Dave Evans replace while and guitarist/organist Andrew Innes joined on a part-time basis.

Let’s have a look at the line-up of The Revolving Paint Dream……Andrew Innes, Christine Wanless, Ken Popple and Alan McGee!

Wanless was both the vocalist and the girlfriend of Innes while McGee was seen as an occasional part-time member. In 1984 they released a debut single on Creation but nothing else would emerge until 1987 when an eight-song mini LP was released. By 1989, Luke Hayes had replaced Popple as drummer and that same year a second single and full length album were put out.  And that was that, although to be fair Innes got rather busy with Primal Scream from there on in….

The song on CD86 is the debut single…a real piece of psychedelic rock which is not a genre I’m all that fond of:-

mp3 : The Revolving Paint Dream – Flowers In The Sky

It has the distinction of being the second ever release on Creation (73 in 83 by The Legend! was the first release). Here’ s the song from the flip side:-

mp3 : The Revolving Paint Dream – In The Afternoon