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Rol from My Top Ten has long been one of my favourite bloggers. He has, for years, made great use of his encyclopedic knowledge of popular music, and his incredible powers of recall, to deliver daily posts that are always packed with humour, honesty and originality, in a way that is quite unique in the blogging world. He’s also been a huge friend to this and the old blog, making comments and observations on a frequent basis, along with the occasional guest contribution.

Rol is a very talented writer and a few years ago he was the author of five issues of PJANG, a comic book (with the emphasis on book) that was not only named after a Nick Cave song but had subject matters that could be as dark and as funny as the story lines on any Bad Seeds or Grinderman album. PJANG was a great read and I was sad when Rol and his artist friends and colleagues had to call it a day to concentrate on other projects, such as providing for their families!!

But where PJANG once dared to tread, there’s now the prospect of the Department of the Peculiar goes POP! offering much enjoyment and entertainment. Here’s Rol to explain:-


I’m on the scrounge for a plug for my new comic, which we’re running a Kickstarter campaign for. Now normally, I wouldn’t bother my music blogging pals with this sort of thing as I know it wouldn’t interest them. However, you have been supportive of my writing in the past and this particular comic is based around the music industry – notably the attempts of a useless band called Areshole to hit the big time.

Link to the Kickstarter campaign where there’s loads more info is here…

I genuinely think that (some of) your readers might find this book funny and enjoyable / relevant to their interests, otherwise I wouldn’t approach you like this. If nothing else, it’s a free post, and I know how valuable they can be to daily bloggers!

If you’re not able to help or don’t think it’s appropriate for TVV, no worries – I won’t think any the worse of you.

Take care,


If you click on the above link to the Kickstart campaign you will see that the initial target has been reached  – I’m proud and happy to have played my part and delighted that the project will see light of day.  But the team have decided to aim for a couple more goals, one of which will see the inclusion of a further story penned by Rol, so why not have a look and give some consideration to helping out.

Contributions start from as little as £2 for which you’ll get digital copies of the new comic book while £4 will see you get your hands on a physical copy.  If you’re feeling generous, there’s the opportunity to pledge more and obtain rewards….I’ve decided to get another one ticked off the bucket list and thus issue 2 of the comic book will see my ugly face pop up somewhere in the background!

Oh, and another great thing is that all contributors also receive regular updates on how things are going.

Finally, and if you want to see just what Rol was hinting at when he said “I genuinely think that (some of) your readers might find this book funny and enjoyable / relevant to their interests,”, click on the link and scroll down to enjoy a sneak peek at the opening three pages, which I reckon will make many TVV readers smile.

mp3 : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – People Ain’t No Good
mp3 : Lloyd Cole – People Ain’t No Good
mp3 : U2 – Discotheque

Thanks folks. Much appreciated.