The Wannadies released many a great single in the 90s and the early part of the 20th Century. They were a hugely entertaining live act as well with one particular show some 15 years or so ago at King Tut’s in Glasgow being a particular stand out.

They are probably best remembered for You And Me Song which was a bit of a flop when first released in 1994 but which soared to #18 some two years later after it featured in the soundtrack to the hit movie Romeo + Juliet – the updated one directed by Baz Luhrmann.

Despite their singles being infectiously catchy and radio-friendly, The Wannadies only enjoyed chart success on two further occasions – the aptly named Hit in 1997 reaching #20 and today’s offering for your ears, which was the follow-up to the re-released You And Me Song:-

mp3 : The Wannadies – Someone Somewhere (single version)
mp3 : The Wannadies – Why
mp3 : The Wannadies – Goodbye

A paltry #38. The UK CD-single buying public were too busy looking out for the next great Britpop act to pay attention at that time to the great stuff coming out of Scandinavia. Fools.

Here’s the LP version which tags on another minute of music at the end:-

mp3 : The Wannadies – Someone Somewhere




Following on from yesterday’s posting, I thought I’d have a look back today at one of my favourite bands to have come out of Sweden.

The Wannadies formed in the late 80s and, like The Hives, released a fair bit of material in their native land before becoming more widely known, especially here in the UK.  Indeed, it wasn’t until after the 1994 release of their third album – Be A Girl – that the band even played a gig here in the UK but it didn’t take long for the infectious, hook-laden pop music to be lumped in alongside the many indie-type bands who were emerging in the wake of Britpop.

The band however, had already been going for the best part of a decade, not only recording the best part of 50 songs by this time but honing their talents and skills with countless live shows across Scandinavia. As such, they were more than a cut above many of their contemporaries which showed whenever they toured as a support act and inevitably stole the show from those above them on the bill.

All the hard work slowly paid off as a couple of near hit singles were followed by a Top 20 hit with the re-release of You And Me Song in April 1996 which was soon followed by their fourth album – Bagsy Me – hitting the Top 10.  But instead of kicking on, the band encountered some personnel problems and then had a raging argument with their record labels in Sweden and the UK, and so all the momentum was lost.  The band did make two further albums either side of the turn of the century and continued to tour extensively across Europe.  I was present at a cracking show they played at King Tut’s in Glasgow in late 2003 but not long after they just disappeared entirely off the radar although it would be another six years before the break-up was officially announced – it seems that efforts were made to record a seventh album but to no avail.

Their recording legacy therfore stands at six studio LPs, three EPs and 18 singles with a hardly duff track among them.  And to show how decent they were througout their recording career, here’s one song from each of their six LPs:-

mp3 : The Wannadies – My Home Town (from the 1990 LP The Wannadies)
mp3 : The Wannadies – Love Is Dead  (from the 1992 LP Aquanautic)
mp3 : The Wannadies – Might Be Stars (from the 1992 LP Be A Girl)
mp3 : The Wannadies – Shorty (from the 1994 LP Bagsy Me)
mp3 : The Wannadies – Yeah (from the 2000 LP Yeah)
mp3 : The Wannadies – Skin (from the 2002 LP Before & After)