The final day of looking back at the Indietracks compilations.  I hope some of you have enjoyed what’s been offered up over the past seven posts and again today.

The 2019 version, which was the last ever as the 2020 Festival was cancelled after the COVID outbreak and the organisers have since advised they have no plans to resurrect things going forward, contains 43 songs, with, as far as I can tell, only five of the acts having previously featured on TVV in one form or another –  The Catenary Wires, Jetstream Pony, Randolph’s Leap, Spook School, and Withered Hand.

I mentioned yesterday of how COVID seemed to bring an end to many new and emerging bands before they really got any chance, but I’m pleased to say this lot, according to their bandcamp page, are still on the go with shows coming up next month in Cheltenham, Oxford, London and Manchester.

mp3: cheerbleederz – staying up late

The trio, consisting of Kathryn Woods (guitar), Sophie MacKenzie (bass/vocals) and Phoebe Cross (drums), are from London.  I;m not going to make any bold claims that what they do is ground-breaking in the grand scheme of things, but judging by what you can listen to over at this SoundCloud page, they make a lot of infectiously upbeat, catchy and enjoyable music, which likely makes for a great night out in the live setting.

cheerbleederz will be releasing their debut album, even in jest, on Alcopop Records this summer.  I think I might keep an eye out for it, even if this fat and balding and soon to be 59 years old music snob is probably not their target audience…..