Designed by Peter Saville to promote a gig on Friday 20 October 1978.

FAC3 was actually intended at one point to be a single by The Tiller Boys, but the plans were shelved.  However, as part of the Use Hearing Protection box set, a ‘white label’ 12″ record was included, containing what would have been the three tracks:-

mp3: The Tiller Boys – Big Noise From The Jungle
mp3: The Tiller Boys – Slaves and Pyramids
mp3: The Tiller Boys – What Me Worry?

Their inclusion in the box set, however, is not the first time the tracks have been available on vinyl, as they were issued on the New Hormones label, as a 7″ single, in February 1980.

But who were The Tiller Boys? The basic info is that they were an experimental trio with Krautrock/Eno tendencies, consisting of Francis Cookson, Eric Random and Pete Shelley. The three tracks above certainly bear that description out.

It is also reckoned that they played no more than five or six gigs all told, of which Pete Shelley participated in two or three…..the memories of those involved are a tad foggy. It certainly does seem, however, that any folk who went along expecting something akin to the post-punk pop of Buzzcocks were left bewildered and with something of a pounding headache after each short set.

The three tracks issues by New Hormones were the only music ever commercially released by The Tiller Boys.