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The McCluskey Brothers, Ken and David, are one time members of 80’s Glasgow band the chat-topping The Bluebells. The brothers released their first album “Aware of All” in 1987. It had to be deleted two weeks after release as the brothers found out that they were still officially members of The Bluebells group from which they had parted company with amicablly in 1986. Although still signed to the London Records label the Brothers toured widely until eventually released from London in 1990.

1992 saw the launch of the “Favourite Colours” album on their own label Kingfisher Records followed two years later by “Wonderful Affair”. In 1993 they were honoured to play for Nelson Mandela when he visited Glasgow to take up his Freedom of the City award. In 2000 the brothers released the compilation “Housewives Choice” (Linn Records, Glasgow).

David is currently a music therapist working with Sense Scotland and Ken is a music business lecturer at Stow College, Glasgow and contributes towards the college label Electric Honey Records.

Here’s one from the Favourite Colours album….one that reminds a lot of Roddy Frame:-

mp3 : The McCluskey Brothers – Better Days