Some ten years ago, big things were being predicted for an Edinburgh-based trio called Damn Shames. Consisting of three 19-year olds – Simon Richardson (vocals, guitar), Matthew Deary (vocals, guitar) and Jacob Burns (bass) – they had no sooner cut a debut single for a locally based label that they were being linked with a move to a major. They were also the subject of a decent-length piece in The Guardian newspaper in November 2007 which likened them to Fire Engines while giving a plug to their new 7″ single which was being issue by an offshoot of London-based XL Records.

mp3 : Damn Shames – Fear of Assault

There is undoubtedly a link to the post-punk era, and while it was a bit lazy of the Guardian journo to reference an earlier Edinburgh band it was a link that made some sense. For further reference points, the article also asked readers to imagine a more punky Suicide having a dance-off with Public Image Ltd.

The single however, sunk without trace. And I can find nothing else about the band afterwards.

Here’s the b-side:-

mp3 : Damn Shames – Last Things

Enjoy. And yes, that is Edinburgh Castle in the background of the photo above.